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Starting a business is a complicated and daunting process. Initially, you will need to determine the structure of your business; for example, whether your company will be a corporation, limited liability company, or another business form. The decision regarding your business structure is a very important one as it dictates the proper articles to be filed with the Florida Department of State, the applicable laws, and the proper governing instruments, such as corporate bylaws, operating agreement, or shareholders' agreement.    

In addition, where there is more than one owner of the company, business owners should consider a buy-sell agreement. A buy-sell agreement is a contract between business owners stipulating to the reassignment of company shares in the event that an owner leaves the company or dies. This type of agreement should be considered where a business has more than one owner, especially since others laws may affect the disposition of an owner's shares if that owner dies or leaves the company.      

Companies may decide to merge or acquire another company or its assets because the merger or acquisition is mutually beneficial. The process of merging companies or acquiring its business, assets, or both, requires due diligence to ensure that the allegations of the selling company are true and accurate and should include an appraisal to ascertain its value, among handling other matters to properly complete the transaction.

There are times that a company may decide to change its form; for instance, from a limited liability company to a corporation. In order to convert the entity, certain documents must be filed with the Florida Department of State and new governing instruments should be created and established for the company.

Where a business provides products or services to other companies or individuals, it should consider the use of vendor contracts for its suppliers, providers, or consumers and customers. A vendor contract is an effective and efficient way for business owners to use a single respective contract drafted for its suppliers, providers, or consumers and customers. Caution, however, should be taken in drafting the contract so as not to violate applicable laws. Popovich Law Firm, P.A. is here to assist you by advising and preparing vendor contracts for your company.    

As a small business owner, Ms. Popovich understands the process of establishing a business and starting it from the ground-up. She understands and appreciates the challenges of being a business owner. As such, the firm is happy to help you in your business endeavors, whether it regards your business structure and formation, preparing governing instruments for your company, assisting in the merger or acquisition of a company, creating vendor contracts, or handling other business transactions your company may need.